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How long you have already lived is one of the best predictors of how long you may live. Life expectancy has been increasing for years thanks to growing awareness of personal health maintenance and medical care that keeps on improving. Ever since records have been kept, women have outlived men.

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Height & Weight

Weight problems and obesity are epidemics in the USA in both kids and adults. They can lead to serious medical problems, including diabetes, heart disease, and some cancers. Knowing your Body Mass Index (BMI) puts it all in perspective. Here's how the Centers for Disease Control assesses BMI values: normal 19-24, overweight 25-29, obese 30+.

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Family History

Like gender and age, you can't control family history. But knowing your family medical history may help you pinpoint potential problems and lower related risks.

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Blood Pressure

Maintaining normal blood pressure is key to living longer. High blood pressure is a common problem. Yet many people with hypertension don't know their blood pressure is high or are often under-treated. A sound medical routine can keep your blood pressure under control.

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Stress can help you be more productive or block you from achieving your potential. Knowing how to handle stress makes life more enjoyable.

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An active lifestyle can be good insurance against heart disease and cancer, both are common causes of death. Do you have a job that requires physical activity? Or do you make physical activity or sports a regular part of your day?

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A good diet is key to good health. 5 or more servings of colorful fruits and vegetables and limiting the amount of red meat and saturated fats is a great daily goal. Red meats & junk food raise cholesterol and contribute to heart disease. Vegetables, fruits, whole-grain breads and cereals don't contain cholesterol or saturated fats, and have cancer and heart disease-fighting nutrients.

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The plain fact is that more than half of auto fatalities occur close to home - many while driving under 40 mph.

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Motor vehicle accidents are a common cause of death in the U.S. In fact, auto accidents are THE leading cause of death for Americans age 6-27.

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Drinking moderately (no more than 2 drinks per day for men, 1 for women) may be good for you. But, drinking too much alcohol causes auto accidents, cancers, and liver disease. Watch how much you drink, and don't drink and drive. (1 drink equals 12 oz. of beer, 5 oz. of wine, or 1 1/2 oz. of 80-proof spirits.)

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More than 400,000 deaths per year are related to the effects of smoking. As soon as you quit smoking, your risk of lung cancer and heart disease begins to drop.

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Taking drugs is one of the best ways to lose the Lifespan Calculator. If you use hard drugs like cocaine or narcotics, it's time to look at your lifestyle, not your longevity.

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Doctor Visits

When it comes to your health, primary prevention is key. Waiting for problems to occur instead of proactively managing your health may be detrimental to your longevity. Routine "check-ups" at a doctor's office can help keep your well-being on track.

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